November 28, 2015

Best Link Analysis Tools – Maximise Your Link Potential

Get a step up on your competitors in your climb up the Google ladder by using link analysis tools to evaluate your website’s link authority.

SEOG-link-analysis-590-300Link analysis tools are an important weapon in your ongoing battle to climb up the Google ladder. Your link profile is one of the factors that help determine relevancy for a search term and will improve your Search Engine rankings. With ongoing link analysis, you can determine what links are pushing you up the rankings and what links are just chinks in your armour and weighing you down.

What is link authority?

A Search Engine considers a link from another website as a vote or validation of your website and factors this into its ranking algorithm. The quality of your links will determine the authority gained by a web page through quality incoming links. This is for instance expressed in the PageRank given by Google named after the founder Larry Page. It is also referred to as link equity.

Search Engines will look at the total number of backlinks but will also analyse each link to your website and determine the quality of the link based on some of the following factors:

  • authority, trustworthiness and credibility
  • the anchor text
  • links are dofollow links ie pass link value
  • relevance of the link to your website
  • the ranking of the website in Search Engines
  • link context analyses how close a link appears on a page to keywords within the text of that page.

These are just a few of the 250 million+ variables that PageRank for example uses to evaluate your link authority. Search Engines will determine the importance of each web page that casts a vote, as votes from some pages are considered to have greater value, thus giving the linked page greater value.

So how do I analyse my Web pages with link analysis tools?

The best link analysis tools currently on the market are:

  • – Open site explorer is powered by SEOMoz and offers more in-depth link analysis tools than Yahoo site explorer.
  • – Currently one of the better link analysis tools on the market, Site explorer will disappear when Yahoo and Bing merge.
  • – Link diagnosis can only be used with a Firefox plugin that you download from their website.

How can I use link analysis tools to improve my website?

Use this information to structure your SEO link building efforts and analyse your competitor’s link profile. As well as competitor analysis, other applications for this data include:

  • Research: Analyse the quality of the links that are pointing back to your website in terms of link authority, relevance of anchor text and so forth.
  • Discover: Find any errors in the links that are pointing to your website and try to correct them or improve the links.
  • Investigate: Look at the link profile of high ranking competitors and analyse the quality of their links in comparison to your website so you can replicate their efforts.
  • Compare: Look at link metrics between multiple sites to determine the level of competition/difficulty/importance of your own site in comparison.

Then use the information gained from the link analysis tools to structure your SEO link building efforts. For instance, if the three sites ranking higher than you have the same page authority but have a higher number of linking root domains then you need more links from more domains. If the link analysis tools show that competing sites have less links but the links come from higher ranking sites then you should consider getting more links from more trustworthy (higher page rank) sites.

An SEO company should always analyse your link profile before beginning any link building activities so that they can tailor a link building campaign and structure their efforts according to what you need to do to beat your competitors. Contact SEO Works so they can show you these link analysis tools can become an important part of your SEO artillery and help you fight the ongoing battle for page one Search Engine ranking supremacy.