November 25, 2015

Best Keyword Research Tools

With so many keyword research tools available, you really need to find the best online resources to maximise your SEO efforts.

Best keyword research toolsTo maximise your Search Engine Optimisation efforts, you need to use the best keyword research tools available. These online resources can allow you to filter your keywords so you have a more focused approach to SEO. It also gives you an opportunity to expand your keyword portfolio and add keywords that have traffic potential that you may not have thought of. Here are five of the top keyword research tools.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool Estimator

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool Estimator undoubtedly one of the most commonly used and best keyword research tools available directly from Google. You can search for keyword ideas by entering a keyword related to your business or service or a URL to a page containing content related to your business or service. Click ‘Advanced Options’ to filter searches by country, language or mobile. Note that this tool only gives you monthly results.

Keyword research tip: Clicking ‘Exact Search’ will return results for the exact match of the search phrase whereas ‘Broad Search’ will serve results of how many times a combination of those keywords are used.


WordTracker is one of the most popular keyword research tools used by SEO experts. The online tool periodically compiles a database of over 330 million search terms. It is updated on a weekly basis, allows you to import and rank up to 300 keywords and claims to deliver the long tail advantage by giving you 2,000 keywords per search. The downside of WordTracker is that you have to pay for the product.

Keyword research tip: Download the 7-day free trial and assess whether you like the research tool. If so, you can elect to pay for an annual subscription for only $379, saving $449 (54%) which equates to less than a $1 per day.*

SEOmoz Keyword Analysis Tool

SEOmoz is one of the leading SEO educators and provider of web applications. The company has brought out an the SEOmoz Keyword Analysis Tool. Pro members can use this tool for free and you can store up to 300 keywords with your membership account. Get data on any keyword term/phrase including Keyword Difficulty scores and Google AdWords search volume and see the top 10 rankings for any keyword.

Keyword research tip: You can sign up for the SEOmoz Pro free trial and test out the competitor intelligence tool. You also get access to webinars, SEO software and other helpful online resources.

Google Search Insights

This is another of the best keyword research tools offered by Google that allows you to search for industry trends and compare search volume across different regions, categories such as health and sport, seasonality such as Christmas and search patterns in other Google properties. This is a great competitor analysis tool in being able to compare brands and companies by simply comparing multiple search terms.

Keyword research tip: There is a forecasting feature that is great for seasonal SEO and helping you map out your online marketing plans. It will let you see the search terms that it believes are likely to be used over the course of the next 12 months.

Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is a premium keyword research tool is ideal for competitor analysis and has an inevitable client list including IBM, Toyota and American Express. The online resource allows you to compare domain names as well as keyword(s) against organic as well as paid search, gives you insights into the keywords your competitors are using and advises you on what the best keywords are to use.

Keyword research tip: This tool has a lifetime free trial offer that offers a limited set of features as well as a paid or pro version. It will allow you to test the tool and see if it’s right for your needs and budget or whether you should upgrade to the premium version.

Ongoing keyword research is needed to find the best keywords to optimise your website. You could use a hybrid approach and try a few different tools or just stick to the one you think works best for your product or brand. Contact the team at SEO Works and find out more about the best keyword research tools on the market to help you build a solid foundation for your SEO campaigns and boost your online revenue.

*Correct as of November 2011.