November 29, 2015

WordPress Blogs – Ten Reasons Why You Need A Company Blog

SEOG-Company-Blogging-590-300WordPress company blogs can be used as a Search Engine Optimisation tool and online marketing technique to generate more leads, create an online community, manage your online reputation, improve customer service and position your company as a trusted and authoritative source. Here are ten ways you can optimise your website, boost your business and increase your online sales through business blogging.

Increase your Search Engine ranking and drive traffic to your website

By positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and blogging about insider tips, market updates, new industry research and so forth, other websites will link to your website and consider you a go-to-resource and credible source of information. Search Engines look favourably upon websites who have trustworthy, relevant and credible websites linking back to them and building a link profile will improve your Search Engine rankings. Adding WordPress SEO plugins to your blog will increase the SEO functionality and creating fresh and original content will increase your Search Engine visibility. This will help drive quality and better targeted traffic to your website and improve your sales conversions.

Promote your products and services

Blogging gives you the opportunity to promote products or services, demonstrate your company’s expertise, provide customers with news, announcements or updates and build an online community. The objective is to discuss issues pertinent to your industry and indirectly promote your products and services. The essence of blogging is that it should be informal and a conversation with your customers. A business blog is not a direct sales pitch and not the forum to publish your press releases, product sheets, or corporate brochures but it can contribute to the sales process by indirectly promoting your products and services, building trust and strengthening relationships.

Increase brand loyalty

Having a company blog will help increase brand awareness, create a community of customers that are loyal to your brand and help you reinforce your brand identity. Blogs are ideal for business that depends on repeat business and referrals such as hospitality, tourism, hairdressing and retail. It can help give the business a unique identity, create a personality and help build an emotional connection to the brand. Remember blogging is not just about republishing media releases or marketing materials; it is a chance for you to interact with your audience and give your business a human and personalised touch. This will help with repeat business, referrals and retention rates.

Grow an online community

As well as publishing fresh content, it’s a good idea to constantly check your blog for any comments that you need to follow up on and respond to any customers within a short timeframe. Through discussion, interaction and comments, you can help forge a sense of community that can be strengthened both online and offline. By allowing both good and bad comments on the blog, it allows you as the company to respond and show that you are willing to be transparent with your customers. This is a powerful dynamic that ties your customers more closely to your company and enhances your retention rate. Word of mouse advertising is the best advertising you can get for your online brand.

Conduct market research

Your business blog can act as market research for your company and with customers leaving feedback on your website; you can gain valuable insights into your customer’s minds and use this feedback to improve your business. Comments, polls, feedback forms and surveys become instant, spontaneous market research tools with ideas for improving service or developing your products and act as a free focus group providing valuable information about your products. Feedback from blogging should become an integral part of your decision-making process.

Manage your online reputation

As Search Engines like Google and Bing sign deals to index real-time updates from social networking websites such as Twitter, maintaining your online reputation is becoming increasingly important. A blog is a quick response, public relations tool that allows you to respond to negative feedback, explain your side of the story and invite further feedback from customers. When a video of a Dell laptop exploding went viral, Dell’s Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca responded to the public relations crisis straight away and posted the video online and won respect from their customers in regards to their rapid response, honesty and transparency. Having a blog allows you to control dialogue about your product, host discussions about your products and actively be involved in a conversation about your products.

Build trust and familiarity

A company blog allows you to build a rapport with customers, engage with your customers, encourage a two-way relationship and creates an environment of honesty and openness. Trust is vital in making sales and important for encouraging visitors to opt into your lead-generation process. By starting with compelling information and resources, and by encouraging repeat communication, you build familiarity. Over time, this creates a strong bond of trust as informed and educated visitors become confident, loyal customers. Once you have a customer’s trust, you have a quicker turnaround time for conversion.

Improve customer service

By creating a company blog and allowing interaction through comments, you can create a better customer service experience for consumers who can use the blog as a forum to post questions about products they have purchased, complain about bad customer service they have receive or give feedback about customer service and any improvements that can be made. Your blog can provide an easy way for customers to get in touch with you and can show your human, approachable side, allow better customer interaction and improve customer service processes. Customers who feel like a company is listening to them and responding to their needs quickly are more likely to develop an emotional connection with that company which is a fundamental requirement to building customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Gain a competitive edge

Blogging is particular important for industries or businesses that require a technical understanding, require in-depth research before you purchase a product or require after-service. When a company claims to offer the same features with their products and services, your blog can give you a unique point of difference, gives you the edge over your competitors and shows you have a loyal community of buyers. Blogging allows you to demonstrate your expertise, share valuable insights with potential buyers and give your business credibility and authenticity.

Convert leads into sales and increase your bottom line

According to a Nielsen survey, social media currently accounts for around 18% of the search market and consumers combine online search with conversations with friends & family before making purchasing decisions. Consumers prefer to buy from a source they can trust. By positioning yourself as an expert in the industry, creating an online community and showing your transparency as a company, this can help to build and maintain your online reputation as a trusted supplier and convert leads into sales.

WordPress Company blogs are very important for Search Engine Optimisation and are a great marketing tool when used correctly. The purpose of a business blog is to inform and educate rather than be a direct sales pitch. The content needs to be updated regularly with fresh, original material, position your company as an expert in the business and also reflect your brand message and company identity. Most importantly, the blog needs to encourage interaction with customers and two-way feedback so comments on the blog need to be responded to quickly to establish your company as a trusted brand. This all contributes to an increase in online revenue and a strong bottom line.