December 2, 2015

SEO Providers – What to Expect

We help unlock the mysteries of SEO providers and Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO providersSo after a long and laborious process, you have finally chosen your SEO providers but now what? You have handed them the keys to your website in good faith and ask them to drive your SEO campaign but you may have no idea of what they actually do to improve your Search Engine rankings. Here is an insider’s guide to the inner workings of an SEO company and what they can do to improve your traffic levels and conversion rate.

Domain-related aspects

Professional SEO providers will analyse the technical components of your website including the platform you are using and the content management system. If it is a new business start up, they will advise you about the best domain strategy for your company. This may include buying a top level domain (TDL), using relevant keywords in the domain name, making it memorable and easy to spell or fit in your existing branding campaign.

Technical factors

The SEO experts will also work with you and your web development team to include robots.txt file that restricts robots or crawlers from accessing certain aspects of your site such as duplicated content. They will also have a look at the navigation structure to see if it’s simple and easy to use as well as that the on-page elements such as the title tags, descriptions, headings and body content are relevant to the theme of each page.

Keyword research

When people think of SEO providers and the services they offer, they are probably the most familiar with keyword research. SEO consultants will work with you to find appropriate and relevant keywords for your website. This is done via various methods such as asking the client for insights, surveying clients and customers, using keyword research tools, analysing Google Analytics data and so on.

On-page optimisation

Once you have filtered down your list of keywords, you need to be shown how to use them. Ideally each page on your website should be targeting one of your nominated keywords. SEO experts will show you how to naturally insert keywords into the URL, write keyword-rich title tags and descriptions, use image ALT tags and headings as well as seamlessly integrate keywords into the body text.

Off-page optimisation

Link building campaigns, citation building, optimising Google Places pages and so on is also another service that SEO providers may offer. A link back to your website or a citation is a ‘vote’ for your website in a Search Engine’s eyes, helping to boost your rankings. With the introduction of Google Place Search and the merging of Google Places pages with organic listings, optimising Google Places has also risen in importance.

Installing Google Analytics

The best free web analytics software currently on the market is Google Analytics. One of the roles SEO providers offer is to help you or your web developer install the application on your website. An expert SEO team will also show you how to use the software and create reports so you have a better understanding of the traffic you are receiving on your website and how they are using it so you can tweak your campaigns accordingly.

Reports and reviews

Another role of SEO consultancies is also to provide support services including generating periodic SEO reports (usually every month) using Google Analytics, Advanced Web Ranking and other software. These reports detail the progress of your SEO campaigns including monthly traffic, ranking reports, top performing keywords, visibility reports and so on to help you monitor your progress and see if your SEO campaigns have been paying off.

It’s important to do your due diligence and pick an SEO company that is professional, ethical and reliable. One of the leading SEO providers, SEO Works has consultants who partner with their clients and are encouraged to share their experience and expertise with them along the way. Contact them to find out more about the SEO process and how they can drive pre-qualified leads to your website and improve your conversion rate.