December 1, 2015

7 Benefits of SEO Packages

Are SEO packages the solution you have been looking for? Find out more about the many benefits.

SEO packagesA common question asked by businesses is whether to buy SEO packages or a standalone solution (customised SEO strategy). In most instances, packages are tailored to meet the varying needs of companies from new business starts ups to multinational corporations. You also have the flexibility of upgrading plans to grow with your business . Here are five advantages of hiring an SEO company and using an SEO package.


With SEO packages, you get a basic package that may not a bargain but it is a competitive price for the product and level of customer service you are being provided – affordability is the keyword here. With an SEO package, a company can allocate this in their budget and use this information to get buy in from the management team. You will know exactly what you will be charged and what you will be charged for (see below).

You know what you are paying for

With SEO packages, you may be able to get a breakdown of exactly what you will be receiving from the number of keywords, links and optimised pages to the number of hours an SEO consultant and link building analyst will be dedicating to your account. It will all be itemised in black and white so you can compare each SEO package and discuss with the SEO consultant exactly which one would be best for your optimisation needs.

Tried and tested solutions

With an SEO package, you are getting a tried and tested strategy. You can read case studies where these solutions have been successfully applied across different industries and see the tangible results for yourself. With package deals rather than custom SEO solutions, it may be easier for a company to establish industry benchmarks that you can use to set realistic and achievable goals for your SEO campaign.

Tailored SEO solutions

A downside of SEO packages sold by some smaller companies is you are buying a standard SEO solution that is not tailored or customised to your company or industry so some issues on the site may not be resolved. A better solution may be to hire an SEO company that sells package deals but is also able to tailor the package specific to your company so you can get the best of both worlds at the most affordable price.

Different tiers of packages

With SEO packages, you are given different options so you can choose the level of packages in line with your budget or the inclusions offered. If you find a company that doesn’t lock you into a contract and offers pay-per-month plans, you have the added flexibility of being able to change plans as your company expands. With standalone solutions, there may only be one service available at a set price.

Campaigns that almost run themselves

SEO can be very daunting for people who are new to this form of online marketing and do not know much about optimising websites. SEO companies may offer an all-inclusive service which makes it easier for clients who can leave consultants to do the job they know best and allows them to focus on their core competencies. Communication between a client and your SEO consultant is encouraged but there is no need for a client to micromanage a campaign.

Added value

If the SEO company you hire is part of a full-service agency, you may also be able to package in other services such as additional link building, SEO copywriting and web design which may make the whole project more economical and affordable. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for other services at that present time, you may be able to negotiate a better price for each individual service as you already have an existing working relationship with them.

Whether you decide to go ahead with an SEO package or a custom SEO solution will depend on your budget and personal preference. SEO Works offers SEO Packages that can be tailored to your business and has proven experience working with high-profile clients to help them reach their SEO goals. SEO Works is part of the Internet Intelligence Works Group which offers Web Design, Copywriting, Link Building as well as SEO Services.