November 26, 2015

Five Lessons SEO Consultants Can Teach Their Clients

Knowledge is power – here are five things SEO consultants can teach their clients to help them understand what Search Engine Optimisation can achieve for their site.

SEO consultantsOne of the main roles of SEO consultants is to educate and inform their clients about the Search Engine Optimisation process. Some online marketing ‘experts’ take the approach of telling clients what they want to hear and dealing with the consequences later but it’s your responsibility as an industry expert to set realistic expectations – this is key to a satisfying client relationship and successful SEO campaigns.

1. Surfing the web doesn’t make you an SEO expert

Like painting a wall doesn’t make you a painter, surfing the web doesn’t make someone an SEO expert. Feedback is essential but clients need to understand that they have paid big dollars to hire SEO consultants and they should at least consider their suggestions. Explain to clients the methodology behind your actions – when they know the rationale behind what you are doing and why you are doing it, they will appreciate it more.

2. If you want instant gratification, look elsewhere

With updates such as Google Caffeine, Google is getting faster at indexing new content on the web but clients need to be made aware from the onset that their new website or web page may not show up on the rankings until a few weeks or even months. If they need immediate visibility, SEO consultants can advise them to use pay-per-click advertising at the start of their online marketing campaign alongside a structured SEO program.

3. SEO is a long term strategy

SEO may not give a website instant visibility on Search Engines but once it is ranking, with ongoing SEO maintenance, a client can keep those rankings over time. With a PPC strategy, once they stop paying for the campaign, their Search Engine visibility will stop immediately. SEO is a better investment over a longer time period while PPC is a quick-fire strategy and step up for websites to get their foot on the rankings ladder.

4. There is no end date with SEO campaigns

Whether they decide to continue with your services as an SEO specialist or take their SEO in-house when they feel confident and empowered to do so, it will require ongoing maintenance and education. SEO is a dynamic industry and as seen by the recent updates Google has made such as Google Fresh, Google Panda and Google Caffeine, there is always something new and exciting happening to learn about.

5. You get what you pay for with SEO

If an SEO company is guaranteeing first page positions within weeks not months or 1000’s of back links for $100/month, a client need to question the method behind their madness. A link building profile has to be built naturally and organically over time and if they hire a cut-rate SEO company accelerating their rankings through unethical methods, your website can be penalised or banned which can impact your online revenue.

Setting a realistic timeline and benchmarks in the beginning is important, but you need to continually reinforce this with clients as they often can forget. SEO Works has a team of dedicated SEO consultants that partner with their high-profile clients to educate them about the basic principles of SEO and help them achieve maximum SEO outcomes – contact SEO Works if you would like to find out more about their SEO packages.